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Crafted with care

Made in the Netherlands

Production under one roof

Here at United Care, we take great pride in the continued quality and finish of every product; total production from planning, design and assembly through to rigorous inspections and test runs are all completed under the same roof.

Never leaving the sight of our dedicated team, no stone is left unturned and quality control is kept at the highest standard ensuring the highest quality Dutch craftsmanship.

Where safety and reliability are concerned, we really go the extra mile to meet the ISO quality standards and work according to MDR – this means our production team are safe in their work and you are always safe in our Hoists. Disability doesn’t mean vulnerability, and our equipment keeps this in mind at every step.

Moving Naturally

We’re always aware that the products we make can have a very significant impact on not only the quality of life and continued rehabilitation of those using them directly but also on their carers’. Our research and development has always emphasised the user experience – not what assisted equipment can take away but instead what it can retain and even improve.

The philosophy ‘Moving Naturally’ is never far from the drawing board with any of our equipment; our Stand-Aid and Non-Passive Hoists gently assist more active transfers, maintaining quality of life and safety on both sides for carers and patients whilst encouraging independence with intelligent and natural support. Our Patient Transfer solutions ensure comfort and care is the priority, with a clean and quiet design that challenges the accepted dialogue between function, utility and aesthetics.

Mobility and independence

Thanks to our skilled employees and the strong partnerships with our equipment users and care providers, we are able to maintain and increase the mobility and independence of our equipment users.

United Care is always looking for suitable solutions aimed at maintaining independent living for people with reduced mobility. We always focus on the potential of our customers and not their limitations.

Commitment to Quality

A quality piece of equipment that we can proud of and you can trust is the best result, keeping us inspired to work harder and provide the best possible solutions to our customers.

Quality is not a final destination but a process, and we are always seeking to improve; whether that be efforts towards sustainability in manufacturing, commitment to ISO regulations or final quality assurance checks. All employees have extensive product and industry knowledge and commitment to quality, but crucially an aptitude for innovation and developing what we can offer our customers; so that whatever we produce, we refine our skillset to provide only the highest quality support for transfer and care.

All of our equipment is rigorously tested and fastidiously checked to ensure our customers receive not only our world-renown range of equipment but also a United Care guarantee of quality complete with our one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Crafted with Care

Dutch craftmanship and precision
Manufacturing all our products in the Netherlands ensures each item is made with fastidious care and precision.
Manufactured under one roof
All our products are manufactured under one roof ensuring that quality is kept to a high standard throughout production.
With an in house team working on reasearch and development, United Care are continually innovating to bring market leading solutions to users around the globe.
Knowlegde & Experience
With over 20 years in the industry, United Care has a wealth of knowledge and experience it can draw upon to ensure we are always providing the best solutions for our customers.
Ducth Culture
Embracing Ducth culture at our core, we ensure our focus and care is given to our customers around the world.
Passion for the best
We are passionate about supporting our users in varying stages of mobility and take pride in offering our world renown equipment in order to help improve quality of life.