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About Us

About us

United Care was established in 1999 and has since then built up 25 years of global expertise and a wealth of medical equipment history. In 2018 OpeMed became a division of United Care, joining knowledge and resources to better support our customers around the world.

Beyond that, United Care has had some key objectives; that our transfer solutions would be comfortable, safe and reliable, and that our equipment would allow carers to concentrate on giving personal care by providing space-saving equipment that saves time, reduces the risk of injury, and increases efficiency.

Our management team has accumulated years of patient handling knowledge, working closely alongside building contractors, architects, therapists and end-users.

We also pride ourselves on being at the forefront of new ideas. Our R&D team, based in the Netherlands, have regular interactions with experts in the field so that our equipment continues to be both practical and up to date.

All of our products are made in our state-of-the-art factories in the Netherlands.

Our Vision

United Care believes in ‘Promoting Natural Movement’ for our customers. We offer the professionalism of a large company, the flexibility of a small/medium enterprise and the involvement and care of a family run business.

Our aim is to enable our equipment users to move independently and in the most natural way possible, for as long as possible. In addition, ‘natural movement’ benefits the quality of the care provided and works to relieve the physical burden on the care provider. As a result, they can offer users optimal care with a reduced risk of injury.

Durable products

United Care is a global Patient Transfer specialist. Our top priority is to develop and innovate comfortable, safe Patient  Transfer equipment. With our sustainable products, we contribute to the mobility and the preservation of the independence of the user. We ensure that where ever our equipment users are being in supported; from Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Public Conveniences to a Domestic Home, our equipment will provide peace of mind to both the user and the care provider.

Keep innovating

United Care designs, develops, produces and assembles Patient Transfer equipment. We will continue to innovate existing products in order to provide even better service to both users and care providers. Healthcare is constantly changing and so we are always innovating to ensure we offer the top of the range options for our customers.


At United Care we focus on improving quality, technique and service. We design, innovate and produce a range of high-quality Patient Transfer and Washing and Bathing equipment to support our customers. Our products make it possible for the care recipient to move independently as much and as long as possible. This allows active clients to live and work in their own home. We also believe it is important that care providers work in a pleasant environment and are protected against the risk of strain or injury.

Product innovation

For the coming years, we want to focus on product innovation. The ease of use of our lifts should reflect changes and trends in healthcare. With our knowledge and skills, we are able to respond to these changes and trends at an early stage.

The good relationship with our clients also plays a major role in this. By maintaining contacts, we are aware of what is going on in healthcare and how our products and services are experienced in practice.

Corporate Social Responsibility

United Care knows how important Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to a business and so we take responsibility for the effects of our business activities on people and the environment.

Within our capabilities, we contribute to a healthy balance between people, planet and profit. But, more than that, we also focus on new market opportunities, growth and innovation with a profit for people, society and the environment for both present-day and future endeavours.

For us, CSR is a process and not a final destination. The goals we pursue change over time and with every business decision. United Care is constantly looking for feasible steps to shape our social responsibility and our contribution to a sustainable world.