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Neatfold Overbath Stretcher

The unique Neatfold Overbath Stretcher has a patented centre-fold design that enables the client to be changed directly over the bath.

The centre-fold design allows the client to be hoisted directly out of the bath, where the Neatfold stretcher can then be folded out into place under them. The client can then be lowered directly onto the stretcher without ever having to be moved away.

As a result, the client preserves their dignity by avoiding being moved wet and unclothed around the room, the carer avoids a transfer operation, reducing back strain and by keeping the client over the bath, the floor remains dry and the client is warmed by the heat of the bath.

At the same time, the Neatfold stretcher provides a full height-adjustable showering bench when combined with a hi-low bath. In the words of a satisfied carer, “……(the client) feels comfortable, and I feel comfortable that I am able to change and shower them in a safe, controlled environment.”

No other stretcher is able to offer all these features!

The Neatfold Stretcher can be used on the following height-adjustable disabled baths:

The Neatfold stretcher has an optional guard, padded bumper protection and rustproof stainless-steel frame and we are able to produce bespoke versions where necessary.


Neatfold Overbath Stretcher


Space and Time-Saving Unit for Washing, Drying, Changing or Dressing over a Bath


Coated stainless-steel and durable non-rip HT vinyl bed

Weight Capacity



Nursing Home, Hospital, Domestic


Bench Options:

Protective padded guard bumper
Safety guard
Removable Mattress

Power Options:

Power Options


Q: What is the Neatfold Changing System?

A: The Neatfold Changing System….

  • Is a patented changing table that is securely fitted to the rim of your chosen bath
  • Allows you to use the bath as a height-adjustable, showering, changing and dressing table
  • Allows you to cut down on the amount of moving and handling normally associated with getting a client in and out of specialist baths
  • Can be used with any ceiling or floor hoists
  • Replaces any separate wall-mounted or mobile changing table, saving time, money and space
  • Makes bathing, showering and changing quicker easier and safer
  • Comes in a range of sizes according to the client’s needs and the type of bath
  • Can be used if the bath is fitted into an alcove or into a pier position
  • Will completely fold down the side of the bath, space permitting, or store neatly on one side of the bath
  • Is made from lightweight stainless steel and covered in a high-quality heavy-duty fine material, suitable for all conditions
  • Turns your single function high low bath in a multifunctional piece of equipment
  • Has a range of options from protective guards to removable cushioned supports
  • Is the only bath mounted changing table you will ever need
  • The Neat Fold is the only one of its kind on the market

Q: Who else offers the Neatfold Changing Systems and can it be fitted to any bath?

A: No one else has the option of offering you this convenient bi-folding product. It was developed and designed by United Care and is only available on the Avero, Kiva and Rio bath.

Q: Can it be retrofitted to a Bath?

A: Yes, if you have an Avero, Kiva or Rio bath it can be retrofitted at any stage. All our baths have reinforced side rims to accommodate the Neatfold changing system. Even if your bath is over 10 year old we can fit a Neatfold Changing System to your bath.

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