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New Look Same Care; OpeMed joins United Care brand

OpeMed and United Care join forces under the United Care brand with new website launch.

We’ve made some changes…

It’s finally here! After months of hard work from our team behind the scenes, the goal is no longer just insight; our new website is now live, fully operational and our vision for the new branding to officially bring OpeMed into the United Care family has been realised.



Shiny & new…

Talk about a lockdown glow-up – our new branding playfully partners what we love about the old look with a more modern and functional feel. Bringing OpeMed together with the classic United Care colours to create a more contemporary brand.

Our new website showcases the new clean branding with an easy to navigate interface to optimise your experience; cancelling out the unnecessary noise to leave the most important information and resources in easy reach. This minimal aesthetic is anything but basic, with our libraries of product images, information and case study galleries presented in a simple and intuitive format so you can find exactly what you need when you need it – and they’ve been growing with us. The range of our products has been trimmed with consideration to let the best thrive but the volume of visual, product and technical information for each of the items in our range has bloomed to offer you in-depth detail and visual examples to help you make the best choices.

Some Things Will Never Change…

While a lot of positive change has taken place, we still hold customer experience and a highly professional level of service as our number one goal. Our new website will help us to serve you in an even more streamlined and efficient way, supporting the United Care team in helping you reach the best result for your projects, offering layout and design advice, on-site surveys and expert product recommendations, and continuing to care for you and your equipment for years to come.

Our colleagues in Holland have been helping us to bring their infamous Dutch quality into the UK since 2008; total production from planning, design and assembly through to rigorous inspections and test runs are all completed under the same United Care roof. Never leaving the sight of our dedicated team, no stone is left unturned and quality control is kept at the highest standard. We’re proud to say our equipment is Crafted with Care in the Netherlands – and that certainly won’t be changing either.

The Journey Continues…

With your eye set on a goal ahead, it’s easy to lose sight of the continuing path. What is our focus? The United Care philosophy is ‘Promoting Natural Movement’ and this is always kept in mind from design through to production; working on ISO certifications to ensure we set the bar higher for quality in our products and expanding our global reach with the development multilingual resources.

The UK is steadily creeping out of our lockdown mentality, and our Product Specialists are back on the road and able to visit sites and meet you in person to assist and discuss Hoisting and Bathing solutions.

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